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Dr. Carlo Pio Tripon



the dentist… Dr. Carlo Pio Tripon

Dr. Carlo Pio Tripon graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1991, and passed the Philippine Dental Board in the same year. He then immediately took the national boards in California, and passed at the top ten percentile. In 1996, he founded and managed Quantum Dental Manufacturing Inc., which makes a number of specialized dental restoratives and medicaments. It is the only company at present that does so in the South East Asia, and has a number of products that outsells American, Japanese, or European brands. These products are selling successfully in all parts of the Philippines and will soon be exported to neighboring countries. He opened Tripon Dental Center in 1999.

Dr. Tripon has built his reputation on the highest quality dental service, surpassing some first world countries. Though smile makeovers have only recently become popular due to shows like The Swan and Extreme Makeover, he has been doing cosmetic dentistry for many years. He has personally done hundreds upon hundreds of designer smiles, installed more than four thousand five hundred (4,500) elective porcelain and composite veneers, and a larger number of crowns and bridges. Tripon Dental Center is the basis for other cosmetic dentists in the Philippines. He obsessively keeps abreast of the latest trends in dental care, investing heavily in new technology, subscribing to a number of journals, books, and literature from the US. He introduced Hollywood White smiles to the Philippines many years ago. He was the first to systematize smile designs and use and integrate a digital smile database. He was the first to install an operative computer system and a digital photo communication system to dental laboratories for better tooth color matching and aesthetic collaboration. He pioneered microdentistry, being the first to have a laser diagnostics for early decay; drill-less air-abrasion and chemical dissolution of infected dentin; and the use of CARIOGRAM (a computer program) and CAMBRA to predict, control and even reverse any present and future decay.




Tripon Dental Office



the dental office… Tripon Dental Center

Dr. Pio Tripon opened TRIPON DENTAL CENTER in 1999, with his wife Dr. Jane Tripon, who was practicing orthodontics and general dentistry. The office has since then expanded to include a second orthodontist, an endodontist, an oral surgeon, three general dentists, an office manager, a patient coordinator, and three dental assistants. The office is equipped with the latest technology, and having five operatories, with five dental chairs. The office is a well equipped and as well trained as the top ten percent of the dentist in the US.

TRIPON DENTAL CENTER is a full service dental office, with emphasis on cosmetic dentistry. Though the office has not paid for any advertising, word-of-mouth has made the clientele grow exponentially. Patients fly in from both hemispheres, all on referral basis alone. Unsolicited articles have been written by satisfied patients. The office caters to expatriates, ambassadors, local and foreign TV and print personalities, politicians, high ranking government and military officers, the local aristocracy, the new and established rich and others. International flight attendants from PAL, Northwest, JAL, Emirates, Qatar Airline, Cathay Pacific, Saudi and others fly in for smile enhancement, so that at any one time, you will find a smile by TRIPON in practically any part of the world, and smile designs that the office has created have circled the globe many many times. The office has helped patients from the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Egypt, Hong Kong, Korea, Cambodia, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, England, Vietnam, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.


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